Useful information

We calculate the cost of sending your pallet using the information you provide, such as the dimensions and weight of the item you’re sending.
Below you’ll see a quick summary of how to measure your consignment so that it can be accurately quoted. If you have any questions, you can call us on 01902 355 101.

Pallet sizes

Quarter Pallet

120cm x 120cm x 60cm
Max weight 200kg

Half Pallet

120cm x 120cm x 140cm
Max weight 500kg

Full Pallet

120cm x 120cm x 200cm
Max weight 1000kg

Oversized Pallet

Max 120cm x 300cm x 200cm
Max weight 1000kg
If you’re unsure about oversized pallets, contact us

How to secure and prepare
your pallet

The Pallet

Your goods must be securely attached to a pallet to ensure they move safely through our network.

Banding and wrapping

To ensure your goods don’t move in transit you should have sufficient banding and wrapping to protect them from the elements. Please make sure that there are no items overhanging.

If the goods are of high value please refer to our insurance policy.

Also bear in mind…

We have a maximum standard pallet weight of 1,000 kilos. The standard pallet size and dimensions are as illustrated and must be adhered to.

These items are prohibited

We are not licenced to carry the following items and they must not be sent under any circumstances.
  • Engines / Generators / Gearboxes or any part containing or having contained oil/petrol UNLESS FLUSHED THROUGH (Engines/Gearboxes/Generators which have been cleaned are accepted.)
  • Hazardous materials e.g. Paint / Adhesives / Chemicals / Flammable resins, solvents, liquids.
  • Compressed Air (i.e. airbags, fire extinguishers or life jackets) and items containing any gases.
  • Wet or Lithium Batteries (Not including Dry Cell)
  • Box with Hazardous label - Items sent with a Hazardous label attached will be classed as such. DO NOT REUSE OLD HAZARDOUS BOXES
  • Large quantities of aerosol cans/sprays or household goods containing flammable or corrosive liquids, such as oven or drain cleaners
  • Dangerous goods - e.g. Explosives / Fireworks / Radioactive Materials / Deactivated or Replica Weapons and Munitions / Firearms / Swords / Knives / Weapons
  • Counterfeit and illegal items

Collections and deliveries

Here is some information you need to know about your pallet collection and  delivery.

If you have any questions, please call: 01902 355 101

We deliver all pallets to a
safe kerbside location

Collection and deliveries CAN NOT be made on steep inclines

Collections and deliveries can only be made on solid flat surfaces

We can only collect and deliver to ground level locations

Pallet insurance

We offer £5 per kilo, upto the maximum of £5000 per 1000kg (kilo).

Our insurance coverage is subject to weight limitations and covered by RHA 1998, 2009 & 2020/FTA 2002 conditions of carriage.